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Currently based in San Francisco, John J. Hartford V is a nationally exhibited artist and curator, working across mediums, with an emphasis on the conceptual frameworks surrounding destruction aesthetics, iconoclasm, and anti-art movements, though a scope of what is being termed ‘Post-Opulence’.


With an initial background in Theatre and Psychology, John eventually shifted his focus to the Visual Arts, quickly rising to the top of his undergraduate class. Particularly under the mentorship of Robert Poplack, John’s practice broke beyond the formal education structure, into a multi-media independent study of various mediums. Conceptually, the practice evolved into its own, and the work began to explore deeper meanings within deteriorated states of form. 


In only the beginning years of an individual practice, a large body of work was created which then allowed him to be a part of a number of group exhibitions between both San Francisco and Los Angeles, in addition to a first solo exhibition in Southern California in 2016. This would carry him through the rest of his undergraduate career (earning his BFA/Psychology Degree), to remain as a studio/teaching assistant while taking time between programs. This, alongside being a part of a number of administrative internships with galleries such as PACE and Southern Exposure.


Currently concluding his Dual Degree (MFA/MA Museum & Exhibition Studies) with SFAI, John remains to be active within the San Francisco area, having served as Director/Curator of Swell Gallery, current Director of Art Attack SF, as well as Vice-President of the recently founded Vacant AIR non-profit program which aims to generate accessible representation of emerging and student artist community across the city.

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