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Bloom & Decay:

Beyond Opulence


In one moment, a glass falls.

The silence of the room, broken.

The gaze of the spectating crowd shifts.

A spectacle of impermanence and adoration of the chaotic.


It’s in these created moments of chaos, destruction, and broken silence, that we momentarily operate outside of a hyperreality constructed by the mundane. The spectacle of the broken glass, engages our most primal drives, alerting us to the space in which we’re operating, but also instantaneously connects us to a space we presently share with others. By means of joining a destructive process with the power invested in a sought idealized state, a struggle over iconic form through its breaking, salvaging, and reuse begins to be exhumed. Additionally, creates reference to the actions and signals of changed circumstance & time.

Bloom and Decay is an exhibition that questions the role of both the broken and ephemeral, in a contemporary era increasingly dictated by shadowy reflections of a luxurious modern projection of permanence. Additionally, makes the assertion that both decay and the process of destruction satisfies a more fulfilled definition of creation, rather than the iconization of the ideal form. From the fractured pieces and states of deterioration, where can we find the potential of new life, and an exoneration of the creative capabilities of the ‘flawed’ to excite and create moments of both internal and external reflection.

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